Singing with Julia

Some of our Reconnect artists are getting creative with music and singing with tutor Julia Scott.



"We began by sharing some of our favourite music with one another. We talked about why we liked it and the place that music holds in each of our lives. We all found common ground in the magical quality of Alice Coltrane’s Journey Into Satchinadana that whisked us away to somewhere else.

In the afternoon Liam, a compare in a live 9 piece Karaoke band, joined us. We dared to sing in front of one another and by half way through most tunes Alan would be playing along on the fiddle so we turned off the backing track and were accompanied by him and some percussion; it was radical karaoke!

In the second week Irene joined us for a singing workshop. We began with vocal exercises, reawakening the tail at the end of our spine, sticking out our tongue and saying the vowels. We did some games to explore the potential of our voices, improvising and mimicry. We sang several songs in the round, one being a song for peace in several languages that had 6 parts so we all had to hold our own and it worked!



This week we are learning West African Rhythms with Laurie. We are playing traditional Ghanaian rhythms on djembe and kpanlogo drums, shekere shaker and bells and Gerry is playing guitar.



 The people in the band have a lot of talent; I’m really excited for next week when that can really come to fore as we come together with what we have learned so far, what we already knew and some other stuff we don’t know yet to play our own creations in a practice room. We’re going to need a name…"

-Julia Scott

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