Tanya Raabe in residency - Week 1

I've just finished my first week's residency in the Project Ability Studios and what an exciting productive week it's been.

I found myself fitting in quite quickly and began to position myself with my easel and art trolly to begin portraying the Aspire artists as they create their own artwork. Each day last week I began by introducing myself as 'Tanya the portrait artist' and spoke to the artists about what artwork and techniques they were doing. Then I took a few moment to choose a subject to portray. When choosing a particular artist to portray I was looking for a great sense  of identity and artistry and character. I love to portray a sense of self, drive and passion that is presence using a sensitivity of line and colour that describes the artists skin tones.

I'm also looking to capture a sense of the Project Ability studio and all who sail in her. So in my studio hub, as I'm now calling it, I'm also playing with composition on a continuous drawing wall to convey the chitter chatter that goes on in the studios where artists are sharing with on another ideas and techniques. It's a very vibrant artistically lead environment and I want to capture that too.

I'm getting lots of visitors to my studio hub wanting to see who's been portrayed next, which is great feed back for me too. So do feel free to drop to have a look and a chat about the portraits. I will be creating an evolving portrait wall during the Summit which will be situated just outside the Project Ability Gallery... can't wait to get started!

As I've been playing with different painting and drawing mediums myself I found that my acrylic paints are soaking into the lovely Italian watercolour paper if I want to paint with thick paint. This produces a dullness to the painting which I was not happy with so to fix this I primed the paper with Rabit glue which then seals the paper against absorbing the paint. This has allowed the paint to sit on the surface and so hey presto I now have velocity and texture to my portraits allowing the brightness of the colours to shine. A perfect result!

So now I'm ready and armed to paint and draw. I'm getting excited about the Summit and wondering how many portraits I will get to create over the next four days! I shall be wandering about during the Summit with easel, brushes and paints in hand ready to portray!

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