The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 1

The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 1

The seasons are changing from winter to spring, and there’s been some changes here at Project Ability too. The popular Aspire classes ended last Friday and it’s been a much quieter workshop without them. Thankfully I snuck into one of their final workshops to speak with some of the artists, who were in the final push to get their works finished before their four week break.

I’ve been hanging about the workshops with the camera for a couple of weeks now, trying to make my omnipresent face familiar to artists, tutors and volunteers. I didn’t want to go charging in asking questions without getting a feel for the work that goes on, so I’ve been making some (pretty rough) short observational videos. This week I was able to actually get some artists to speak to the camera about their work in this block- the results should hopefully be edited and posted soon!

On a technical note I’ve also been spending a lot of time holed up in the media room, editing footage and photos from workshops and walking groups. I haven’t edited much since I was in university, so it’s been a learning curve re-familiarising myself with the process! I’d forgotten how much of a time bandit editing could be- I’ve found myself losing hours cutting what amounts to a three minute clip.


With the changes in timetable it’s been a bit quiet in terms of filming, which has been good for me: I’ve learned how to edit photos and content to post to the blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, which means I can share these weekly blogs all by myself! I’ve also been able to work on the annoying fiddly bits of editing, like fixing audio or working around clips where I didn’t have enough footage.

Wednesday night has been a late one for me these last two weeks: this week I attended the Introduction to Film workshop for a second time, but with more of a sense of what goes on. Last week I just sort of shadowed tutors Kate and Zeynep, seeing what went on and marvelling at the technical prowess of kids less than half my age. This week, I had a purpose: these classes are winding down too, and as they usually use the Canon 600D for stop motion animation, there isn’t a lot of photo documentation.

This week the kids were filming some live action scenes from their own scripts, but using the Sony camera- this meant I could also take behind the scenes snaps without being too conspicuous! I got to see the green screen equipment in action, which was a new one for me. We also had the donation of a puppet theatre, which could make for some interesting scene setting.

The Reconnect workshops started back this week, and I had the pleasure of meeting some artists on the Troon trip last Wednesday (12th). You can see some of my photographs from the trip on the blog and Project Ability Facebook page. I’m excited by the prospect of being here for the start of a new block and hopefully there’ll be lots for me to discover and document. I feel like I’ve got a pretty big task ahead in trying to document the goings on at Project Ability, but there’s a lot of exciting prospects too. Hopefully next week I can get back to using the camera and editing more so there’ll be lots more content for you all next week!

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