The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 11

The bank holiday weekend may have been a bit of a washout, but I suppose we can at least be grateful for the small things. Friday’s fire at the Glasgow School of Art was devastating, but the damage was thankfully limited by our Fire and Rescue Service. Times like this might be horrific for all involved, but it’s also when Glasgow is at its best: banding together to help others in times of crisis.

It’s so easy to take buildings like the Mac, and its contents, for granted. I didn’t go to the Art School but walked past it almost every day. It was just part of the city. It’s important to take care of the things we’re given to look after, and prolong our heritage as long as we can. That’s why I was excited for this week’s Walking Group trip: the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, away way out in furthest Nitshill.

It’s such an innocuous looking building that it’s hard to imagine the treasure trove inside. From far off, it looks like any other warehouse. Shamefully, I had never even heard of it until I heard we were going! The Glasgow museums’ collection, despite being pretty vast, can only house 2% of all items at any one time- the rest is kept here. We only had an hour or so for our tour, but I could’ve spent days in this place. We only got to see a fragment of the collections, and I’ll definitely be making a return visit.


The group has been really good to get to know both the participants and my own city. I’d no idea that something like the GMRC even existed! Likewise, the Saturday workshops have been a lot of fun, especially the Friends and Family Fun Workshops. I’m still proud of my tie dye bag from last month’s event! I’m looking forward to this week’s workshop which will involve sand art. I haven’t used it since I was wee so it’s pretty exciting!

This week, I also went out and visited Buchanan High School, one of the schools participating in our Flowers of the Commonwealth banner project.  All of the schools involved will donate a collection of handmade patches, depicting different flowers from countries in the Commonwealth.

I made my way to Coatbridge, camera in hand, unsure of what to expect. I was arriving after lunch and thought maybe there wouldn’t be much for me to get. As it turns out I had no need to worry- the kids were still working away and were more than happy to chat to me about their patches and the ideas behind them.

I was blown away by not just the quantity but the quality of work they’d produced. There were no two patches alike, and it struck me how a class working from the same brief can have such different responses. Their skills with a sewing machine were also seriously impressive!

All of the kids, and their teachers, were really lovely and accommodating. I just wish I’d had the chance to be there for the whole day! If that’s just one example of what a school can produce, I can’t wait to see the finished product. The whole banner sewn together is going to be pretty special, and a really creative way to celebrate the Commonwealth.

Our current block of Aspire classes ends next week, and won’t start again ‘til after I’m all finished up at Project Ability. Thankfully I’ve got piles of footage to get through, and as a Friday treat I’ve uploaded a couple of videos! You can watch them on our Youtube channel right here.

I’d better wrap things up there: there’s been so much going on this week, I didn’t quite realise how long I’d went on for. I’m aware of the relatively short time I have left, so I’m just trying to pack as much in as I can. For now though, I’m off to try and catch some of that elusive sunshine. Happy Friday!

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