The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 12

Another scorching end to what’s been a hit and miss week, weather wise… not too shabby! Thankfully the weather held out for the Friends and Family Fun workshop on Saturday, as this time we were outside!

This month's medium was sand art. I instantly thought of being a kid, and being given those kits where you'd pour colourful sand into a bottle. Usually a gift from relatives who didn't know what to get me, but knew that I was into arts and crafts! Thankfully as it was such a glorious day, there was a slight change to the proceedings. The sand art would be more along the lines of tribal paintings and markings, and in order to do so we'd be outside in the elements!

The group made its way to Glasgow Green, armed with neon and glitter coloured sand and a host of spices too. They had lots of ideas to choose from, including Aboriginal, Celtic and Native American art, as well as some sealife motifs.

They got stuck in right away, decorating the ground with lots of big, bold, colourful designs. The weather was perfect and we even had members of the public having a go. I tried making a hopscotch pattern, but by this point there wasn’t much sand left- resulting in the smallest squares ever. Not much of a challenge then, but a pretty fun way to spend a sunny Saturday morning!

I was off with a summer cold this week, and missed an opportunity to help out on another Flowers of the Commonwealth schools workshop. I was really disappointed, as the last one had been such a lovely experience. However, I would’ve felt worse passing my cold onto a class of primary school kids- especially since the weather’s turned out so lovely. Weighing out the negatives and all that! I suppose it'll just mean that the grand unveiling of our banner will be an even bigger surprise.

I resolved to throw myself back into work to make up for it. This week was the last in the current block of Aspire and ReConnect workshops, as well as the opening of Cameron Morgan’s Coast to Coast Open Studio project. Luckily for me, this meant I had my work cut out.

The workshops have been buzzing with energy as artists in both workshops finished off their works. A lot of the works produced in this block have been on quite a big scale, or involved beautiful, intricate detailing, and it's been a real privilege seeing them all come together. Moreover, I've loved hearing the stories behind each piece. Whether it's working to a brief or replicating a photo, there's a unique reason for every piece of work produced and it's been great to see them all coming to life. It’ll be a much quieter workshop in the next few weeks!

After several weeks, our Cloud exhibition drew to a close on 24th May. The gallery was closed, which was a really weird experience- I’m not used to it being so quiet! The space is currently being transformed thanks to Aspire artist Cameron Morgan. He’s painting a mural around the walls of the gallery, as part of the GENERATION Festival, and I’ve been trying to capture images and footage of the work since its inception.

Cameron works at quite a fast pace and almost all of the wall space has some kind of location sketched on it. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look once he starts painting! The mural will encompass aspects of the Scottish landscape, which is no small task. I’ll try and capture as much as I can through videos and photography, but I imagine it’ll be enough of a job trying to keep up!

The exhibition is also an open studio, meaning that it’s open to members of the public to drop in. This unique experience means that you’ll get to witness the mural unfolding as its being painted. It’ll be running until the end of June, so get in while you can!

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