The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 13

I feel like these posts are rolling around in no time at all! Where has June gone? It’s been a bit of a damp squib start to the summer, but here at Project Ability we’ve been enjoying the sun when we can.

Wednesday was utterly glorious, which is always welcome in the middle of the week. I headed out with the walking group through Glasgow Green to the People’s Palace. We tried our hand at the ‘labyrinth’ of bricks at the entrance to the park, but not one of us picked the right route! After that we took a stroll up to the Nelson Monument before wandering around the back of the Winter Gardens.

I used to live at the top end of Glasgow Green and walked past the People’s Palace every day, but I haven’t actually been inside it for at least ten years- shameful, I know! Stepping into the foyer, I felt like I’d been there yesterday. It’s nice to see somewhere that represents the east end of Glasgow to be a friendly and vibrant place, where families and communities lived and worked and integrated. It’s so easy to dismiss certain parts of cities as being downtrodden or violent, when really that’s a small part of it that’s true of any city, anywhere! I always love seeing the replica single end, the old-fashioned dairy and, of course, Billy Connolly's big banana feet. Hopefully it won't be that long before my next visit.

The workshops have been quiet this week, but thankfully there’s been a buzz of activity in the form of Cameron Morgan. His open studio is coming along at a rapid pace, and is now onto the painting stage. Considering it was all just sketched onto the wall last week, that’s pretty impressive! It’s been really exciting seeing it all coming together, especially now that there’s some colour injected into the gallery.

There’s been some exciting developments this week about potential upcoming projects, and as usual we’ve got lots of other things planned too. There’ll be no post from me next week, as I’m off on holiday! I’m not actually going anywhere, I’m just using my holiday time before I finish up my internship, and we’ve got some rare quiet time before all of the workshops are back! In the meantime, here's another video of the last week in the current block of Aspire workshops- just a wee behind the scenes peek at the creative energy that flows throughout here every day!

No doubt I’ll pop my head in to see how Cameron’s Way is coming along- otherwise I’ll come back after a week and have missed it all!

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