The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 14

The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 14

After a week off last week, I feel as though I’ve never been away! I mean that in the best possible way, of course- as usual there’s been so much activity going on here at Project Ability that I’ve shaken off holiday mode and got right back into work again.

The biggest change I saw upon my return was Cameron Morgan’s epic Cameron’s Way: Coast to Coast mural. The finishing touches were added this morning, just in time for the grand unveiling tonight. The grand unveiling will be in our gallery from 6-8pm, and will be launching as part of the GENERATION Festival. The festival is celebrating 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland, and Cameron’s bold, patriotic mural definitely represents the theme!

The weirdest thing is looking at photo graphs from week one of Cameron’s open studio. As this is my second last week- I KNOW, RIGHT?- I’ve been trying to organise the multitude of photos and videos I’ve taken over the last four months. I found some of the first couple of days of the studio, when Cameron was just working on the outline, and it looks so… bare. Now that the room is filled with such wonderful colours and shapes, it just feels like they’ve always been there.

I’m glad the walls will be lovely and colourful to see me through my last week here- that’s going to be weird enough as it is. I always find it takes a good couple of months to get settled in any job, which doesn’t really help matters when you’re only in one for four! However I’ve been made to feel part of the team from the moment I started here.

Everyone’s been so welcoming and I’ve loved meeting everyone, seeing all of the work produced, getting to be a part of some pretty important exhibitions and remembering what it is I liked about film making again. I’m feeling quite cheery today, but I don’t know how different it’ll be this time next week!

On a less melancholy note, the studio is busy again AND we have visitors! The Aspire summer workshops are back for another two-week block, and their work so far has taken on a distinctly Scottish theme! From pipers to Highland cows it seems like there’s a healthy dose of patriotism everywhere.

We’ve also had a couple of visitors, and fellow snappers no less! Photographer Alicia Bruce and her assistant Ian have set up a studio in our ReSearch room, taking photos of all of the Aspire artists posing with their works! Everyone seems to have loved it so far- they certainly all seem to be naturals in front of the camera.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished pieces, and it’s also good to have someone else with a camera there- sometimes I feel like I’m getting in the way but if there are two of us then I can only share the blame!


After finally finishing my short film about our Flowers of the Commonwealth project- which should hopefully be online soon- I’m looking forward to another Friends and Family Fun Workshop. This one will involve creating a flower patch to be sewn into our Flowers of the Commonwealth banner.

The banner will be unveiled in September, when it’ll be hung in the foyer of Trongate 103– if the results of the recent schools’ workshops are anything to go by, it’s going to be amazing! If you’d like to submit a patch, or know someone who would, you’ve got until August 4th– all of the information and application forms can be found on our website!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got time for this week- it’s all hands on deck in preparation for the launch of Cameron’s Way. Hopefully there’ll be a good crowd for the unveiling, but don’t worry if you can’t make it- it’ll be open right up until August 23rd. Happy weekend!

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