The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 2

Happy Thursday, everyone! I know this is supposed to be a Friday post, but I’m off to London tomorrow, and it’s been such a busy week that I’ve got plenty to write about anyway. After this week it'll be back to the usual Friday post- next week's going to be a busy one too, so I'll have my work cut out for me!

I’ve been busy meeting lots more new faces this week- you’d think by now I’d have met everyone at least once, but there are so many artists coming and going in Project Ability that pretty much every day brings more! Thankfully I’ve been busy throwing myself into workshops and, slowly but surely, I’m starting to manage to put names to faces. Most of which I’ll no doubt forget, but I’m terrible with names as it is- I’m just hoping I can still play the ‘new girl’ card until I figure it out!

At the weekend I experienced my first Create Saturday classes. These run all day from 10am-4pm, and encompass age groups from 5 years old up to 21: a pretty wide variety by any standards, so a lot for me to be getting on with! I was expecting pandemonium from the younger classes but, like the Wednesday film group, they’re all really focused on their work.

There’s a range of activities including drawing, painting, collage and textile work, and the kids really embrace them all. The afternoon class was busier, although most of the artists were working independently on their own projects. There was so much going on that I ended up using two cameras and filling up the media cards, which can only be a good complaint.

I also got to chat to some of the artists and volunteers about art, film and everything in between- a pretty successful Saturday, I’d say! I’m sad to be missing the final Create class of the block this week as I’m away for the weekend: however, the next block starts on April 26th which I’m sure will be here in no time.

There’s a lot of buzz in the air about visual arts festival Glasgow International, and Project Ability is playing an integral part of it. Stockholm-based artist Henrik Pätzke’s first UK solo show, Cloud, will be debuting in our gallery. Henrik will also be giving a talk on Saturday 5th April, about his working practices and how the world around him shapes and informs his art.

Luckily for me Henrik is more than keen to talk about his work and I’ve already had the pleasure of speaking about it with him. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some more behind the scenes chats in preparation for next week, so watch this space…

This Wednesday was the last of the Introduction to Film classes, which I’ve enjoyed being a part of over the last couple of weeks. This week was a bit more like what I’d been expecting all along: as it was the last class, the kids were in high spirits trying to get their work finished and the workshop was buzzing with activity.

It’s great that there are workshops like these to get kids and young people involved in film making beyond just pointing a camera: I started making short films in my early teens and there wasn’t really anything to teach us about storyboarding, composition, editing or effects. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with these after the four week break.

The rest of my day is going to be taken up with more filming and editing ahead of next week- interesting for me, but I'm not sure other people want to read about it! On that note, I'm back up to the editing suite. Have a great weekend... once Friday's out of the way, that is.

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