The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 5

The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 5

After a successful exhibition launch and artist’s talk last week, it was nice to get the chance on Friday to attend some other Glasgow International events. Better yet, they were work related too! I went along to CCA for the Art Screen Festival, a brand new event celebrating the arts documentary- whether it’s about music, visual arts, blurs the line between fiction and reality or sticks to hard facts, there was a lot to learn and the possibilities are endless.

(Image courtesy of BBC Scotland)

Back in the office and my video from Henrik Pätzke’s artist’s talk is finally online, and you can view it on our Youtube channel! For those of you who missed out, I somehow managed to whittle it down from 30 minutes to ten, so it’s a bit of a highlights reel- I hope it gets the main points across anyway. I tried to include some of Henrik’s background, his views on life, his inspirations and working methods and some shots of the audience interacting with the installation. There were some issues on the day: I only had one camera, and no additional microphones- but I think it turned out pretty well!

The hardest part was deciding what to leave in and what to cut. That’s another thing I learned at the Art Screen talks: you can love a sequence, agree with it entirely and fight ‘til the death to keep it in, but sometimes it just… doesn’t… fit. There was such a great amount of information from Henrik that I just had to be ruthless with it, and hope that the final cut was coherent and got across the point of the talk.

It’s been such a lovely week- as lovely as Glasgow in April can be- and on Wednesday, I went out with the walking group for a visit to some Glasgow International exhibitions. I’ve been desperate to see inside the Briggait, and this was the perfect excuse! They were hosting an installation of reclaimed sculptures which have, for one reason or another, been kept in storage unseen by the public. The setting was pretty vast and lofty, but the sculptures really filled it with colour, playfulness and vibrancy.

From then we walked to the Tramway. They were featuring installations and video art by Michael Smith and Bedwyr Williams: the former created a series of videos in a variety of television genres, which subverted the medium while highlighting the mundanity of it. Williams’ exhibit featured a post-apocalyptic film projected from the inside of a double decker bus, shrouded in shadows… it really does have to be seen to be believed!

This week also saw the launch of the first One Minute Film Workshops! Spaces were limited so that our participants could have as much free reign over equipment, props and materials as they needed. Despite this we filled all but one place- not too bad! It seemed like an initially impossible task: make four one-minute films in four days. We had four participants, all with very different ideas. Thankfully they got torn into it from the start: they drew backgrounds and characters, built sets out of Lego and played with the iPads to create time lapse and stop motion images.

We only had 2.5 hours each day, from Monday to Wednesday, to get the bulk of the work done. We also had a couple of hours on Thursday, but with a screening due for 12.15 the pressure was on! Everyone worked together to edit, create stop-motion animations, record dialogue and sound effects and the resulting films really are collaborative efforts. Everyone worked really hard and I was really proud of the resultant films. It just goes to show that there’s no such thing as an impossible task: when there is enough creative talent and everyone works together, even making four different films in ten hours is achievable!

After all of that, I can safely say I’m looking forward to the long weekend. There’s even more coming up after the holidays and lots to be looking forward to. Have a great Easter!

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