The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 6

The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 6

It’s been an utterly hectic couple of weeks here at Project Ability, and it’s been a thoroughly knackering but amazing experience. Last week we finished up on Thursday for the Easter weekend, and we had a huge push to get everything done. The gallery saw swarms of visitors leaving lots of lovely comments about Cloud, and up in the workshop we had our very first One Minute Film workshops.

I was still buzzing from the screening of the One Minute Films when I wrote my last post– in case you couldn’t tell! Considering that I’d never taken a workshop before, I thought it went really well. It helped that all of our young film makers were brimming with ideas and were happy to use the short time we had to the fullest. We had a hand drawn animation, Lego stop motion, time lapse Jedi duel and even a satirical documentary piece- there was certainly no shortage of diversity!

Most of the films were finished by Thursday, but we still had a lot to do: sound recording, effects and setting up the projector for our guests. We managed to thankfully pull it all together and our audience of film makers, parents, Project Ability staff and invited guests gave us a very warm reception. At the start of this week the films were all uploaded onto our Youtube channel, so you can see for yourselves how much we managed to wring out of a mere four sessions!

It’s been nice to have this week to relax and recover from GI festival fatigue, which seems to have affected some of our younger visitors too! However there’s lots to be looking forward to, especially now as I’m going to be here a little bit longer. Last week I was lamenting on how I was halfway through my internship already, but I’m now going to be here for an extra four weeks. There’s a lot coming up in that time so I’ll be kept busy!

This weekend sees our Friends and Family Fun Tie-Dye workshop. I missed the last workshop as I was in London, so I’m looking forward to documenting this, taking pictures and clips of the group in action. It’ll be good to see families getting involved and seeing first-hand what goes on in our workshops.

A lot of what’s coming up will be in celebration of Project Ability’s 30th Birthday, which we’ll be celebrating all year! First things first: we’ve launched a JustTextGiving fundraising appeal, with a target of £10,000. It seems like a huge task and a lot to achieve, but it’s all going towards facilitating our huge roster of artists, events and exhibitions.

If you’d like to help us out, it’s easy: for example, if you wanted to donate £5, text ANNI30 £5 to 70070– however much you choose is up to you! There’s also a JustGiving page, too. We have big things planned for this year, but we need all the help we can get!

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