The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 7

The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 7

I ended last week with a Saturday morning shift, taking pictures and videos of the Friends and Family Tie Dye workshop. At first I wasn’t sure how much interesting footage and pictures I would get: it seemed like quite an intricate process and the kids were really absorbed in it. I wasn’t sure how many were going to be there and it was quieter than expected. However, after seeing the bucket of dye and how easily it splashed on even the most careful participant, I was quite glad!

The lack of pandemonium meant I got a lot of lovely shots of bags and scarves being knotted, pleated, tied and dyed. The whole process seemed a lot easier than I would’ve thought: it’s amazing how detailed and intricate patterns could be achieved with a few simple twists. After taking some shots of the group at work, I was offered the chance to make my own, which I of course accepted!

I used marbles, which I tied to the inside of the bag with elastic bands, pleated the handles and knotted it. At first I just used the blue dye, but I’d twisted my bag up so many times there were a lot of white bits, so I popped it in the red dye for a little longer. Considering that I haven’t done any tie-dye since college, I was quite pleased with my results!

The week got off to a lovely, sunny start and I got the chance to interview one of our Reconnect artists for a short video. David Bradley is also represented by inclusive arts agency by Outside In, and was one of only two artists chosen to exhibit in London’s Bethlem Gallery as part of the Anxiety Festival in June. I filmed a short interview with David talking about his inspirations, working practices and artistic aspirations.

Outside In had originally sent some questions with the intention of getting written answers. After some discussion we felt that the best way to talk about art was by doing exactly that: talking about it! It also meant we could show some examples of David’s work that we have here in Project Ability. The video will be sent to Outside In ahead of the Festival launch.

I also got to go out with the walking group again, who this week were off to the Burrell Collection. Originally the plan was to walk around the grounds of Pollok Park, but the rainy weather soon saw to that. Still, it didn’t put a dampener on our trip around the museum: we were given a guided tour, which was really informative. I’ve been to the Burrell as few times, but it makes such a difference to the experience hearing about it from someone who knows about the history behind it.

It’s just a shame today’s good weather couldn’t have started a few days earlier: the grounds of Pollok Park are really lovely, I like that there’s a secluded, natural place like that in the middle of the south side. At one point I couldn’t even hear the traffic from the main road!

Anyway, that’s about all from me this week- if I couldn’t get the sunshine for my walk I hope it at least keeps up for the holiday weekend. Have a good one, folks!

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