The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 9

The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 9

It feels like there’s hardly been a full week all month, what with all of the bank holidays. While the long weekends have been nice, it feels like my time here is going so much faster! As such, I’ve been trying to fit in as much as I can, while I can.

I’ve been going about with my trusty camera trying to document as much as I can of our workshops. I’ve also finally got round to wading through the piles of footage I’ve shot so far. I was slightly worried that I hadn’t been doing enough, but a quick trawl through the archive and hard drive soon put these fears to rest. My aim in the time I’m here is to put together snapshots of the activities and workshops that go on here.

There’s only so much you can write about the energy and buzz of a workshop group, but it’s so much better to show it. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to have artists willing to talk about their work: after all, who knows it better? I prefer the natural environment of the workshop, rather than trying to stage situations and conversations. It never feels as natural as simply going around with a camera, talking to artists while they work and filming what’s going on as it happens.

I think it’s the best way of showing off just how much creative talent we have coming through our doors, and will hopefully let potential artists see what we have to offer. Having also shot an artist’s talk, I think it’s also a great way of allowing people to get involved in our activities even if they couldn’t be there.

I also managed to get out and about this Wednesday and join the Walking Group on their trip to the Glasgow Sculpture Studios. After last week’s walk around Pollok Park was rained off, I was happy to see the sunshine holding out for us- even if we were mostly indoors! We were given a tour around the studios, which are based in former whisky distillery turned creative arts hub, The Whisky Bond.

The group were shown around the bigger woodwork shops, before going upstairs to see the ceramics and plaster rooms. The tour was ended by a visit around their current exhibition, Blocked Arch, Deferred Ceremony, Dawn Chorus: Tra-diddle da. Like a fly in slow suspense, by Canadian artist Gareth Moore. The project centred around the regeneration of the area and the found objects retrieved from the nearby canal. The area is currently being redeveloped as a creative quarter, and it was interesting to see how old, discarded objects had been similarly reinvigorated by their inclusion in the show. Even the walls of the gallery were a part of it: they had been decorated using pet food, which had been ground into a paste and mixed with paint.

The nice weather had held up and we ended the day with a walk along the canal- not bad for a Wednesday afternoon’s work! It’s not an area of town that I ever have much reason to be in, so it was an ideal opportunity to rediscover it. I’ve enjoyed going to places like this with the group: working full time means I don’t get much spare time to go and discover new places. It’s also been a good way of seeing exhibitions that I might not have otherwise! Hopefully now that sunnier weather is making an appearance, the group will find even more new places to explore.

I’ve also been using the nice weather to do some exploring of my own. It’s been so miserable for so long that I hadn’t been taking advantage of working so close to a park like Glasgow Green. Since Project Ability is situated on the bustling main road of Trongate, it’s easy to forget that it’s nearby. However, sometimes there’s nothing better than taking a lunchtime stroll and rediscovering the plentiful green spaces that give Glasgow its name. After all, I need to escape from the editing room at some point!

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