The Summit - Atelier 5

Atelier 5 is a German organisation based in Mariaberg. They are one of the ten international support studios coming over to the Summit, where they will present work by artists Romina Bafaro and Roland Kappel.

"Situated in the small village of Mariaberg on the Schwäbische Alb in Southern Germany, the studio is part of a diaconal institution which is home to 500 people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health. Created 175 years ago, the institution was the first of its kind in Germany and offers now full support, education, employment and accommodation in many different and individual ways.

The studio “Atelier 5” is housed in a former post office, where workshops began in 1997. Since 2008 the workshops take place regularly and are open to more artists. Nowadays, the “Atelier 5” is open every morning, and there are meetings in the afternoon for special projects.

Participating artists work independently and it is left to them to decide what materials they want to use, at what pace they want to work and with what purpose and objective. Assistance is given only when an artist asks for it or when there is a need.

The work produced is original and individual. It evidences an intuitive approach to artistic creation and a sophisticated engagement between the artist and their work. In the future we will offer more time and space for young adults to work in the studio. We also take part in local art nights and exhibitions more and more."

Romina Bafaro

Born 1983 (Ehingen, Germany). Painterly abstracts and pencil drawn sketches document this humorous artist’s daily cable wrangling routine with technical and lyrical precision. She is interested in many, many things and loves to draw and paint them in any technique or material.

Roland Kappel

Born 1949 (Reutlingen, Germany). A construction site obsessive whose crane, digger and traffic sign opus recalls a childhood of urban renewal and his own architectural practice. A new released catalogue shows his impressive cosmic sights in building machines, traffic signs and spiritual interests.

With support from the “Karin-Abt-Straubinger Stiftung”

Images from top: Atelier 5, Roland Kappel 'Mariaberg', Romina Bafaro 'Himmlische Musik-Heavenly music', Roland Kappel ' Caterpiller', Romina Bafaro at work, Romina Bafaro 'In der Krippe, In the manger', Roland Kappel at work, Roland Kappel 'Fenny moor Quiet lane'.

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