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The In-Definite Arts Society (IDAS) is a Calgary-based visual arts organization with an international reputation for excellence. More than 180 adult artists with disabilities take part each week in In-Definite Arts’ year round programs including open studio classes, workshops and exhibitions. For these individuals, the visual arts present opportunities for self-expression, communication and independence that fosters Disability Pride.

In the IDAS studios, artists work with high quality materials to explore a variety of media including: drawing & painting, ceramics & pottery, fibre art and glass fusion. IDAS also offers studio residencies and gallery tours. This artistic experience is incubative, providing artists with the time and opportunity needed to deeply engage in their practices.

In the community, In-Definite Arts maintains an active exhibition program. We’ve placed the work of our artists in private collections, galleries and corporate and public spaces throughout the world, providing visibility for the talents of artists with disabilities. IDAS also operates two on-site galleries for community artists and administrates two visual art awards: one local and one national. Artists at In-Definite Arts are encouraged to sell their artwork, and receive a percentage of the proceeds from each sale.

For over 40 years In-Definite Arts has inspired artists with disabilities to find their voice and share their talents. This year we are excited to share the talents of two exceptional artists (Matt and Amber) with the international art community.

Matthew Carberry:

Matthew is an accomplished painter and illustrator at IDAS. He is currently pursuing a BFA at the Alberta College of Art + Design and also illustrates for Low Five Productions, an up-and-coming creative company focused on comic books and gaming-based video content. While his subjects are universal, Matthew excels at caricature and concept design, especially exploring themes of steam punk and/or the super hero comic genre.

Matt has exhibited his artwork in over 30 exhibitions throughout Canada.

Amber Harriman:

Amber is a multi-talented artist, dancer and gymnast who loves trying new things to expand her creativity. She has won numerous art awards including community impact and self-advocacy awards from In-Definite Arts, the city of Calgary and the Alberta government. Skilled in a variety of art forms including painting, pottery and venetian plaster, Amber’s art explores key design-fundamentals such as line, color and movement to express the beauty of the world around her.

Amber has exhibited her artwork in over 60 exhibitions throughout Canada.

Images from the top: The In-Definite Arts studio in use, The studio, 'Resting' by Matthew Carberry, 'Wheelie' by Matthew Carberry, Amber Harriman with her work and award, 'Reflect' by Amber Harriman. 

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