The Summit – Kaarisilta

The Summit – Kaarisilta

Kaarisilta Art and Activity Center began its operations in 1987. It can be considered a pioneer in arranging art activities for disabled people in Finland. Beside the visual arts Kaarisilta provides activities also in crafts, music, drama, sports and common knowledge. In 2003 Kaarisilta began offering vocational education for people with special needs in visual arts and music.

The guiding purpose of Kaarisilta is based on strong ethical and aesthetic values, respect for life, and each person’s individuality. Kaarisilta has organized numerous exhibitions in Finland and abroad: for instance in Italy, Japan, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Dialogue between the artists and the surrounding world of art is considered important. Kaarisilta opened it´s own Art Kaarisilta Gallery in February 2009 in the center of Helsinki.”

Two Artists from Kaarisilta are taking part in the International Summit: Sonja Salakka and Raija Raitio.

Sonja Salakka (born 1993) graduated from Kaarisilta´s Vocational Cultural Education Studies in Visual Arts in year 2014. Since then Sonja has been working as an Artist in Kaarisilta´s Art Studios. Sonja is focused in painting. As an Artist she is original and her art is colorful and visually expressive. Sonja is interested in oriental culture which shows also in her Art.

Artist Raija Raitio (born 1948) has participated activities in Kaarisilta since 1990. She is interested in handicrafts and music, but painting is her unquestioning passion. Her large and colorful paintings have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Finland, Japan, Germany, Poland and Italy.

Images from top: ‘New York’ by Raija Raitio, ‘A tree with the turtles and jealous horses’ by Sonja Salakka, ‘Lamps’ by Raija Raitio, ‘Japanese (happy)’ by Sonja Salakka, ‘Deers sleepwalking’ by Sonja Salakka, ‘A Tree’ by Raija Raitio.

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