The Summit - KCAT

In just over two weeks, ten international learning disability art organisations will gather in Glasgow for our Summit. KCAT is one of these organisations, coming over from Ireland.

"KCAT stands for Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent. Founded in 1999 by Camphill Communities of Ireland, following a pilot phase funded through the EU Employment (Horizon) Programme, the aim was to support individuals with different disabilities to develop their particular artistic abilities.

Today, KCAT Studio is a professional artists studio supported by The Arts Council.  From an initial three artists, it has grown to the current fourteen artists. The Studio artists are supported by facilitators in all aspects of their professional development. There is a strong sense of community and mutual support between the artists and facilitators, which extends beyond the walls of the studio.  Working individually, all share, inspire and motivate each other. The group has executed commissions and exhibited as far afield as Australia, Japan, the United States and a number of European countries.

Collaborating on projects with other arts organisations in Ireland and abroad is an important part of professional development.  Presenting at symposia, conferences and lectures, KCAT Studio Artists fulfil an important part of disseminating and advocating their own work and that of KCAT.
KCAT Studio Group is currently involved with a European Grundvic Project called I Want to know (IWTK) 2013-2015 with 3 other European Partners, Pyramid of Arts Leeds UK. COOPERATIONS, Wiltz, Luxembourg . SKID, Überlingen, Germany. This  involves artists from each Studio Group travelling to each of the other Partners Organisation to create work and take part in workshops and talks hosted by each group during 2014 and 2015."

The two artists coming to the International Summit for Learning Disability Artists and their Support Studios are Lorna Corrigan and Andrew Pike.

Lorna Corrigan

Moving from Camphill Duffcarrig, Gorey, Lorna Corrigan spent six years studying and developing her own style and technique at Ormonde College in Kilkenny. In 2004 she joined the KCAT Studio and her work continued to flourish. Though working largely on canvas with paint, she also sensitively handles ink and pastel on paper. Lorna embraces a range of subjects, often taken from her memory or travels to Australia, France and America. Even from the young age of 5, when she poured a can of red paint over herself and a dull grey tractor, Lorna has considered herself as an artist. Her work is sought after and widely exhibited. (Read her full CV here)

Andrew Pike

Having been a gardener for many years in Camphill Duffcarrig, Gorey, Andrew Pike wanted to pursue an artistic career. He studied art for two years in Ormonde College, Kilkenny before becoming founding member of the KCAT Studio. Andrew has travelled extensively to Holland, France, Germany, America, Australia, and Japan and these cultural exchanges inspire him greatly in his work. Though most well known for his paintings, Andrew has award-winning animations to his credit as well as co-designing the Big River Parade with Sinead Fahey and Macnas, Galway. (Read his full CV here)

Images from top: Lorna Corrigan 'Flowers in Carrick', Andrew Pike at work on his Ned Kelly tryptich, Lorna Corrigan, Andrew Pike animation in progress, Lorna Corrigan making a clay sculpture, Andrew Pike, Lorna Corrigan 'Circle painting'.

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