Unlimited: What Lea Cummings did in May

The first month of my project has been very enjoyable and productive. It's really great to have my own little space where I can leave everything set up and get into the zone.

The main components of my project are video, performance and visual/audio art. So far I've mostly been working on the visual art elements, especially a number of A3 sized transcendental noise drawings which will be framed as panels to make up a big piece and also a sculptural kinetic sound piece using sub-bass frequencies and animal bones.

I've also been planning the video segments, some of which I will film when I've finalized the aesthetic I want and also the performance aspect. I hope to show these "work in progress elements" as an installation soon...

In May I mostly...
Listened to  - Judas Priest, Happy Mondays, Hijokaidan, John Coltrane, Kim Wilde, Noma, Now That's What I Call Music Volume 1
Read - Alan Moore, David Icke.
Ate -  Cheese and Onion pasties, Broccoli, Chelsea Buns, Mango Yoghurt.

Supported by Unlimited; celebrating the work of disabled artists


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