Walking Group - Lambhill Stables

Lambhill Stables is a community development organisation located next to the Forth and Clyde Canal to the North of the city. The stables complex was originally built around 1811 for the horses that pulled the barges along the canal and there are many references to it's history around the gardens and inside the buildings themselves.


Our group arrived at the stables after a short bus journey from the city centre and were greeted by a friendly swan, some sunshine and a rainbow! Rather than go into the Stables straight away and inspired by the sunshine, the group had a walk along the canal pathway and stopped at several viewpoints along the way. There are several entrances to Possil Marsh from the pathway and one of these was taken for a short while but the ground underfoot was quite flooded in places so it was decided to return to the canal pathway and head back to the Stables.

The Stables has been beautifully renovated and put to good use as a community hub with many varied activities for locals. On this day, being a Wednesday, there was a community group lunch in the cafe so it was quite busy but there was still plenty of room for our group to sit down for a drink and a snack. The group also had a walk around the gardens where there was work going on to create a sensory garden.

This is a lovely area for a walk with good level pathways along the canal and very easily accessed from the city by public transport.

There is lots of information about Lambhill Stables, both current and historic, on their website: http://www.lambhillstables.org


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