Walking Group – Week 14

Walking Group – Week 14

The walking group outing last week was a bit different from usual and didn’t really involve a great deal of walking. The group had been invited to The Glue Factory to meet artists working at Bespoke Atelier. They have been invited to submit a design for a sculptural artwork to be positioned next to the nearby canal and they wanted to get some input from the group.

Marian and Lydia were the artists who met us and welcomed us to their screen-printing studio. They showed us some examples of the work they do and then facilitated a workshop where we made some screen-prints onto fabric tote bags. The designs for our patterns were based on the cyanotypes we had made at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios two weeks previously.

The group were so involved in screen-printing that cameras were mostly forgotten about but here are some photos of the group at work and some of their results.

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