Walking Group – Week 2: Platform

Walking Group – Week 2: Platform

Last Wednesday, January the 24th, the walking group headed out to Platform to visit a very interesting exhibition by Helen de Main and the women of the Platform knitting group.

Inspired by the Conscious Raising groups of the 1960’s the show uses photos and text based on themes explored through conversation with the group. Childhood, motherhood and expected female roles were a main topic of discussion and the women shared old photographs of themselves in childhood or with their families.

The exhibition is split into two sections; You Know, Things Like That takes the photographs and blows them up covering them in pastel print of knitting patterns reflecting the group’s purpose to meet and knit.

Inbetween the photos are exherts of text from conversations that took place, they reflect the topics explored and are all in pale tone to match the photos.

What’s Expected follows one woman’s childhood and uses photos printed into glass that project onto the wall behind. The woman in question happens to be Project Ability artist, Foxy, and it was a pleasure to see her work from outside of our studios.

Helen de Main works at Project Ability one day a week on developing enterprise projects such as the recent, very successful pop-up shops.
-Morag MacGilchrist

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