Walking Group – Week 22

Walking Group – Week 22

One of the regular walking group walkers has been suggesting for a while now that the group make a visit to the Mitchell Library so that is exactly what they did last week.

Some of the group started their outing at Project Ability and walked to the library doing their best to avoid most of the crowded shopping areas along the way and the rest of the group met us at the library. They were joined by one of the librarians, Kirstin, who was to be their guide for the day.

The tour was fascinating and included many of the ‘behind the scenes’ areas of the building as well as the remarkable puppet room. It was a little tricky to keep the whole group together at times as there were so many interesting things to stop and look at. Kirstin was a very generous guide and gave us lots of information about the building, its history and its contents.

The tour ended in the Special Collections room with some fascinating albums of old photographs of old Glasgow.

There is a vast amount of interesting information and pictures on the library website http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/libraries/the-mitchell-library/Pages/home.aspx

More photos on our Facebook Page.

Photos by Celine, Malcolm, Martin, Michael and Stuart. 

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