Walking Group – Week 3: Tramway

Walking Group – Week 3: Tramway

Spring is in the air, and an ideal place to witness its approach is the Hidden Gardens at Tramway. Snowdrops and crocuses are beginning to bloom in these tranquil surroundings, and our walking group spent some time exploring the nooks and crannies and discovering some of the half-hidden gems that are to be found there.

The starting point for the outing was the Richard Slee exhibition which can currently be found in gallery 5 at the front of the building; a beautifully presented show of colourful and amusing sculptures.

Then it was an exploration of some of the rest of the building before a visit to the gardens at the rear.

Across the road from Tramway, on the site of some demolished buildings, a group called Playhouse have begun to create a series of buildings and walkways with a view to creating areas for social and artistic activity.

The group had a chat with the people working there before having a look around the site and then walking back into the city centre.

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