Walking Group – Week 4

Walking Group – Week 4

The latest outing of the walking group was to Govan Old Parish Church to have a tour of the unique collection of medieval carved stones that is housed there.

The group were met by Fraser who took them around the various monuments pointing out the more interesting parts and giving an insight into some of the history and theories about their origins and purposes. After spending some time in the church the group went outside to explore the cemetery which is also of great historic interest as there are many old headstones and monuments to be found there also.

The group took lots of photographs in and around the church before setting off on the walk back to the city centre taking the walkway along the river where possible.

As well as a couple of new walkers the group were joined by Adela, an intern from Paths For All, who was armed with a video camera to capture the activity and interview some of the participants. We look forward to seeing the results of her work.

Another fine day out – a good location, good chat and a good walk.

You can find information about the Govan Stones and Govan Old Parish Church at http://www.thegovanstones.org.uk/index.html. The website states that the church is currently open daily but this is not entirely accurate and it is best to phone and check for opening times or to book a tour.

More photos on our Facebook profile. 

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