Walking Group - Week 5: House for an Art Lover

Our walking group have been to Bellahouston Park a couple of times before but had not had the opportunity to explore all of the park.

Last week they arrived early for their prearranged workshop with the Carolyn Alexander, the current artist in residence at House for an Art Lover so they took a walk in a different direction from usual and discovered some very interesting places.

It was tempting to stay outside in the open and enjoy the many signs of Spring but when it was time for the workshop the group headed down to the Pavilion where they were met by Carolyn who had the kettle on and plans for a very interesting workshop.

This included a visit to the House for an Art Lover and a couple of drawing sessions. The drawings were made in response to some of the features in the house and also to Carolyn's work in her exhibition 'Der Vogel [The Bird]' where she focuses on a carving of a bird's head which can also be found inside the house.

This exhibition is about to end but Carolyn will be showing some more of her work during Glasgow International in the Pod Room in the Sheds next to the Pavilion gallery. You can find some information about Carolyn's work at http://www.houseforanartlover.co.uk/arts/airborne-residencies/in-residence

After the workshop the group went for a quick look at another exhibition in the Pavilion complex; a series of beautiful bird mosaics by a community group hosted by Impact Arts.

There was time for a quick play on the swings and zip-slide in the play park before heading back into town.

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