Walking Group – Week 6: Glasgow International

Walking Group – Week 6: Glasgow International

Glasgow International. Where does one begin? With an enormous number of exhibitions to chose from, it’s hard to know where to start so our walking group decided to break the ice close to home with a look at our very own Simon McAuley‘s paintings in ‘Strange quarks‘ and a short talk from the artist himself.

After that it was full steam ahead to meet with artist Kate V Robertson for an introduction to her installation ‘Semper Solum‘ in Oxford House, the site of an old courtroom. While there the group also looked in on the Carol Rhodes exhibition before moving on to two other locations in the area to see Toby Christian and Duncan Marquiss‘s ‘Renderuin‘ and a show of paintings by Louis Michel Eilshemius.

From there it was a short hike north to GOMA to see all four exhibitions that are currently there. All in all it was an art-filled day with some very differing opinions about what was on show.

You can find the full listings for Glasgow International on their website www.glasgowinternational.org

The festival runs until 25 April.

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