Walking Group - Week 8: Hunterian Museum of Zoology and Anatomy

It seems that the weather is a bit confused at the moment about what season it currently is. Last Wednesday, for our walking group, there was a mix of streaming sunshine one minute and snow and hailstones the next.

Their outing was also a mix, starting off with a walk through Kelvingrove to Glasgow University in search of the Museum of Zoology. This was the first time any of the group had visited this museum and it was full of interesting things to look at.

This was followed by a short walk across the campus to the Anatomy Museum. There was a large group of art students making drawings on the upper level so the group stayed downstairs where there was plenty to look at before going outside again and across to the Hunterian Gallery for a short look at one of the exhibitions there: 'William Hunter to Damien Hirst: The Dead Teach the Living', a show which spans the centuries with very recent works shown alongside some from several hundred years ago.

The Museums of Zoology and Anatomy are open to the public. Further information can be found at: http://www.gla.ac.uk/hunterian/visit/ourvenues/

'William Hunter to Damien Hirst: The Dead Teach the Living' continues until 5 March 2017

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