We are delighted to announce two new Gallery sponsors!


The Project Ability Gallery is pleased to announce we have two new sponsors!

Mitchells Roberton is a medium-sized law firm based in Glasgow. As one of the oldest firms in Scotland, their roots can be traced back to the 1740s.

A couple of years ago we were introduced to Elizabeth Baker, who handles Business Development at Mitchells Roberton. Since then Elizabeth and her colleagues have been regular attendees to our exhibitions. In 2018, they approached us with a very generous and kind offer, wanting to help support our gallery and exhibitions programme. It’s not every day we are approached by a local business, which makes this new relationship all the more unique.
We are delighted to have Mitchells Roberton on board with us now, supporting the gallery for the next twelve months, through financial support and coming to our exhibition receptions and other events organised at Project Ability.

Through this offer of sponsorship from Mitchells Roberton, we were able to apply to the we were able to apply to Arts & Business Scotland’s Culture & Business Fund Scotland, which works to match fund new relationships such as ours that integrate business with the arts. We were very pleased to be awarded this fund as well, and thankful to both Mitchells Roberton and the Culture & Business Fund Scotland for their generosity.

It’s going to make this years’ exhibition programme all the more exciting, enabling us to expand our aims and enrich the experience at the  Project Ability Gallery for both the artists exhibiting and the audience and visitors who come to see the shows!

The first exhibition to be sponsored by Mitchells Roberton and Culture & Business Fund Scotland will be our annual Christmas fundraising exhibition, ‘30 x 30’.

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