Where two Lines Meet

Last February, we invited artist Janetka Platun to evaluate our volunteer programme and to creatively respond to it. She came back last week with a creative workshop for a group of staff, participants and volunteers.

Saturday's workshop entitled 'Where two lines meet' was born out of a number of conversations with artists who have a unique perspective of the volunteering programme. The workshop explored themes of interchangeable roles, aligned with co-operative structures. Line markers were used to visualise a peer to peer network, that suggests a distributed way of working, learning and collaborating.

The group was incredibly receptive to exploring these ideas:

"For me it was about the emotion. Meeting new people. The lines between people, interconnected. The lines are there to be played with."

"Well what a wonderful workshop it was! I enjoyed every aspect and element and would have happily stayed for another two hours to do it all again. It was a lovely group of people to spend time with and the activities were well planned, thoughtful, surprising, and great fun."

"I'm interested in how the lines are dissecting and moving forward. To dissect our lives we all need people to help us move forward.'"


"We are all individuals, we became connected through this idea of the journey.'"

"I think the idea of doing different parts of the workshop in different spaces was good, it kept things moving and fluid. The workshop was great fun and I really enjoyed the 30 second drawing, I had to be open to the other person. The line marking on the floor was fun, I had to be aware of the others in the group. All the activities seemed to be about the awareness we have of ourselves and others in a group. I hope the lines we made remain on the studio floor for a while."

More photos can be seen on our Facebook Page. 

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