‘Why Cameron Morgan Loves Classic TV’ - interview on DAO

Cameron Morgan is currently exhibiting a series of paintings representing his favourite TV shows of the last nine decades in 'TV Classics Part 1', an Unlimited funded project that is part of the Glasgow International Festival 2016.

Journalist Paul F. Cockburn interviewed the artist for Disability Arts Online about his love of TV classics and his project.

"Morgan’s love of classic TV programmes and classic television sets, are obvious in the series of nine paintings now exhibited under the title TV Classics Part 1. Each painting combines an image from an iconic TV show or film representing a particular decade – from the 1930s to the 2010s – along with a representative TV set of the period. So how did Morgan select the subjects for each painting and decade?"

“I was just interested in coming up with a good image; with the likes of The Voice, you think of the chairs and the microphone. With The A-Team, it’s Mr T, a nice strong image for each decade.”

Read more on the Disability Arts Online website.

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