Writing workshop at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Writing workshop at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

The Project Ability walking group had a visit to the Glasgow Sculpture Studios recently and took part in a writing workshop led by our good friend Joanna Peace. The artists posted some of their writings on the ReConnect blog.

Jane Fisher

So I’m going to fly and have no steps and I will glide and slide through my journey. And everything will happen at the tip of my fingers, floating gently through the past and the present. And I remember many times and I move in different layers, slipping easily between each one. And I see the man and I hear the voices and I wonder at the shops opposite and I forget that I’m out of time standing with a foot here and a foot there. And the route of the bus is a path through time and place, holding me together in various points and I can spin and be held in and never gall off.

And you are here and here and here and here and here and here.

In case you are lost, know that you are here.

And I am lost, lost, lost.

or never found, found, found.

… and I’m travelling through time again, a pilgrim walking across the ages, my cockleshell badge sewn to my hat, no harm will come to me as my talisman of safety blazes.

Morag Macgilchrist

Coffee Cup Lid AKA The Flight

As the lid says the contents are hot. So when it came to it one couldn’t fly away to save the world carrying coffee. It was dropped in the gutter, discarded in favour of doing right by society… even if littering is a crime.

Read more on the ReConnect blog.

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