Young Talent on Screen - Week 8

"My name is Thomas Dick, I'm 19 years old, I'm a green belt in shotokan karate and I like a lot of action and classic films because it helps me get better at karate. Classic films interest me because I get drawn into the story and I like the textures of black and white films.

What I like about coming to YToS is we get to watch a selection of movies, it's interesting to see a range of genres, genres that are usually outside of my interest.
I'm looking forward to our film festival, it will be interesting to see all the different kinds of films submitted.

The posters I enjoy making are often relating to an American theme. I like America and I enjoy watching American films.
(The photo above, is a work in progress for a poster design)."

And for our weekly game of Guess the Movie Star, can you guess who this Scottish actor is? (drawing by Ewan Stewart).

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