Film Noir

Dates: 02 Aug 2011 - 31 Aug 2011
Preview: 02 August 2011, 3pm - 4pm
Location: Platform, 1000 Westerhouse
Admission: Free

Following last year’s success with ‘… a thousand ships’, Connect artists have been busy making work for this new exhibition, ‘Film Noir’.

Each of the pieces is based on a still from a black and white movie, some old and some more recent, and worked in a variety of mediums on canvas. The works in progress in the studio have attracted a great deal of attention from fellow artists and from visitors to the space who have been guessing the names of the films the images have been taken from.

Artists involved in the exhibition are: Michael Douglas, David Bradley, Kristen Neilson, James Clarke, Scott Lang, William Smith, Julie Boyce, Stephen Flannigan, Peter Stewart, John Convery, Esme Macleod, Patrick Butterworth, Melissa Andrew, Hector Aitken, Ruth Mutch, Stewart Low, Margaret Booth, James Smith, Joanna Gray, Sophia Iqbal, Linda McGowan, Janette Brown, Evelyn Sommerville, Alan King, Alan Moore, Debbie Allan, Fey Bidwell, Issi Jacobs, Jatinder Kang, Josephine Price, Elizabeth Flannagan, Norrie Berrie, Sarah Philipsz, Tahel Littauer, Veronica Hudak, William Sharpe.

Please click here to watch a slideshow of the work in Platform.


The Bridge
1000 Westerhouse Road
G34 9JW

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