Flying through time & Key Works

Dates: May 16, 2016 - June 10, 2016
Preview: May 16, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: KEY, The Square, 70 Renton Street, Glasgow, G4 0HT
Admission: Free

Flying through time & Key Works

Blake 7

Flying through time and Key Works are concurrent exhibitions celebrating the work of KEY artists, in particular John Cocozza, and the long standing relationship between KEY and Project Ability.

John Cocozza is supported by KEY and has been an artist at Project Ability for several years, as part of our Aspire programme. John is a key personality to our studios, and one of the few artists in the studio working with upcycled sculpture. Mentored by Kevin Cantwellas part of our Research Room project in 2015, together they exhibit their work in Flying Through Time, at KEY in Glasgow. Their work uses the best of our imagination and flies us away to distant lands and far away times. Cocozza has a fascination with Sci-fi television and films, and very often his work – whether it sculpture, painting or print making- reflects this with an abundance of character and skill.

KEY support young people and adults with a diverse range of needs throughout Scotland. They believe good support is essential to achieving a good life. So whether supporting people in their own home, their family home, at school or in their community, they tailor support to each person’s needs and wishes.

Art plays a huge part in living a good life for many people supported by KEY; and Project Ability has helped to develop artistic skills and passion over many years. KEY Workscelebrates the talent of these many artists, and showcases a selection of the work that has been made over the years. KEY Works also celebrates the longstanding relationship between KEY and Project Ability, and the work of all artists who are supported by KEY.

Exhibition visitors will also have the opportunity to buy original art work.

KEY, The Square, 70 Renton Street, Glasgow, G4 0HT
Preview 16 May 12-2pm
Exhibitions open Monday to Friday
11-2pm until 10 June