Inside Out – Outsider Art in Norway

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Inside Out – Outsider Art in Norway

Inside Out - Outsider Art in Norway

The Arts Festival of North Norway is an international event dedicated to international outsider art showcasing a vast range of music, performance, visual art, literature and film.

For the festival, Project Ability presents a series of drawings by Robert Reddick; an artist devoted to drawing creating many intricate drawings, layered with line, text and loose arrangements. Robert Reddick had a love of all things Scottish from Robert Burns to the Broons, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, trams, Scottish Castles and ancient monuments. His distinctive lines had an eloquent fluidity over which he had precise control, revealing and rearranging forms and shapes. Robert Reddick’s monumental drawing capacity explores the act of looking and the process of reflecting images, which are often drawn directly from his memory, loosely sketch out Reddick’s own visual ecosystem of thoughts and associations.

Inside Out: Outsider Art in Norway is presented by Galleri Nord-Norge, a collaboration between the Arts Festival of North Norway and the Sør-Troms Museum and is curated by Simone Rossner of the Trastad Collections.