Lesley Nimmo – Selected Paintings

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Lesley Nimmo – Selected Paintings

Lesley Nimmo - Selected Paintings

For her first solo exhibition, Project Ability are pleased to present a series of new paintings by Aspire artist, Lesley Nimmo.

Pitted next to their starting points, the source material she initiates her paintings from, Lesley offers her own unique viewpoint; capturing no more than the essence of the image. Lesley adopts a graphic rather than naturalistic style where the paint is allowed to behave like itself. At other times harnessed, her method controls swathes of bright paint into sections and outlines which create figures haloed by swooping rainbows of dynamic colour and often punctuated with a smiley face.

Every piece does its own thing in developing the image, somewhat comical, abstract and fragile, Lesley creates works that are utterly singular, autonomous and significant as pieces in their own right. The compelling result reinforces the pliability and inventiveness of her technique.

Selected Paintings is an exhibition that displays ‘an act of painting’, with the term ‘painting’ stretched and cajoled across the works on display next to their real life partners. Paint is everywhere, the gallery alive with the energy, ideas and the representation of a very distinctive artistic vision.