Let the Games Begin

Dates: 04 Mar 2011 - 21 Apr 2011
Preview: Closing events: 7 April 6pm - 9pm and 16 April 1pm - 2pm
Location: Pa Gallery: Trongate 103
Admission: Free

From 3rd March 2011, Cameron Morgan begins his expansive wall work. From photographic sources, he will construct a vibrant world of playful engagement: lush lashings of thick paint will be applied directly to the gallery walls during Morgan’s occupation as Project Ability’s gallery turns studio for the duration of the exhibition.

As a painter of people, Morgan returns again and again to figures which reference pop culture, music, fiction and his favourite films, while in this work, he will work with imagery collected from Project Ability’s live dance-drawing workshop and sporting imagery researched online. His painterly performance will reference and celebrate the movement of dance and athleticism and the physicality and possibilities of paint. With every brushstroke and applied layer, Morgan seems to acknowledge an exploration of space as well as the purpose of creating an image - starting with a blank space, then making the drawing, sketching and sometimes combining a number of images from different sources with slight variations.

Morgan’s imaginative skills result in paintings of considerable glory, complicated and bold, celebratory and grandiose. For the construction of this giant mural, he will illustrate how to apply paint, draw a figure and depict a movement with a devoted absorption and curiosity in both his subject matter and a pure love of paint.

In the vigour with which Morgan paints, visitors to the gallery will witness the story unfolding with figures and walls merging to become a surrounding landscape, which will appear to be engulfing, blooming and seemingly alive.

4th March - 21 April, Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 5pm.
Closing events: Thursday 7 April 6pm - 9pm, Saturday 16 April, 1pm - 2pm

For photos of the evolution of the mural, please visit our Facebook page.

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