Magic Lines

Dates: 15 Jun 2013 - 28 Sep 2013
Location: Gaia Museum, Randers, Denmark

Project Ability is pleased to be presenting a large series of drawings by Robert Reddick in the exhibition, Magic Lines in the Gaia Museum, Denmark. Ten artists from around Europe will be represented in the exhibition, united in their commitment to drawing, from Atelier Goldstein in Germany, CEC La Hesse in Belgium, Debajo del Sombrero in Spain, Heerenplaats in the Netherlands and Atipyk in France.

Magic Lines - the world interpreted through drawing

No two lines can be the same. A line can be angular, soft, round, nervous, strict, controlled or childish. It follows the movement of the drawing hand and gets relieved by new lines that all together create a unique imprint on the paper. The exhibition Magic Lines at GAIA Museum of Outsider Art shows a selection of drawings by 10 international outsider artists who explore the nature of reality through drawing. The exhibition demonstrates how differently the lines of the artists take form. Drawing by drawing the lines mark the artists’ personal interpretations of the world they live in. Today where digital tools to a greater extend has made the drawing line a rarity; this exhibition encourages the viewer to reflect on the art of drawing as an investigating, searching and illuminating medium.
-The Gaia Museum

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