‘The Rainbow Collection’ by Paul Dowden

Dates: 02 Jun 2016 - 18 Jun 2016
Preview: Thursday 02 June, 6pm-8pm
Location: Gallery 2, Trongate 103, G1 5HD
Admission: Free

Project Ability is pleased to present a solo show of new abstract paintings by ReConnect artist Paul Dowden. Showcasing in our Gallery Two, this collection of work is highly experimental.

There is magic in these paintings - there are days in the studio when it is as fitting to refer to Paul as an alchemist as it is an artist.  Although forth coming with explaining process and technique, at first inspection it is a wonder how Dowden creates these reactive explosions of colour. The paint is clearly responding to the different mediums and oils it is combined with directly on the surface of the work. Paul finishes a painting by giving it the highest reflective qualities possible through polishing and varnishing.

The techniques Dowden has perfected come about from years of painting practice and experimentation with materials. Colours and organic forms play off each other in an infinite number of arrangements, each focusing on colour, technique and experimentation.

     The Rainbow Collection is a series of abstract paintings created over a period of several months. They show several different styles done with inks and other paint mediums. I use many different inks and the techniques can take a long time. I also use many different types of chemicals which, after much experimentation, I have found to work well with ink and paint. An important element to my practice is the notes I take for each new process I try on each new painting I create, in order to replicate a particular effect in future work.  I enjoy working with liquid latex- however, this has taken much practice as it can easily become unstable if used incorrectly.
Much of my work is untitled, as I do not feel all the work requires a title. When a title comes to mind I will use it, but I do not force a title onto a work.
I want the paintings to show the pure colour you get when you have no boundaries to work within. Abstract work does not require any special technique just freedom of the mind and dare to try something new. I hope you enjoy the paintings and, if you are a fellow artist, I hope they inspire you to be encouraged in your work and take a step out of your comfort zone to try something exciting and new.

We are delighted to exhibit this selection of Dowden’s newest abstract paintings, descriptively titled ‘The Rainbow Collection’. ‘The Rainbow Collection’ previews as part of Trongate 103’s 1st Thursday, on 2 June from 6-8pm.  The exhibition runs until June 18.

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