No One Watching, Connect Group Show

Dates: October 8, 2010 - November 13, 2010
Preview: October 7, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery: Trongate 103
Admission: Free

No One Watching, Connect Group Show

No One Watching

Richard Anderson, Margaret Booth, Janette Brown, Grant Davidson, Jane Fisher, Esme Macleod.

“When there is no-one watching, we can become ourselves. We can take control; we can lose control.” – anon

In making a piece of art, artists use many different processes and approaches. Some work in a very controlled way, using methods they have dedicated many years to perfecting and become expert in implementing. Others chose to approach each piece of work they make with innocence and no preconceived idea of where they will take the work or where the work will take them.

Working closely with the Connect tutors over a period of several months the six featured artists were invited to approach the work with a consideration towards themes of control; being in control and/or not being in control.

In No-one watching, all the artists have set themselves new challenges. Painters Booth and Brown, both artists with experience of working figuratively, took a new approach to making their paintings. Using the human form as a starting point they experimented together with a variety of drawing techniques pushing themselves further and further towards abstraction.

Anderson has spent the past few months experimenting with various types of clay and methods of working with it. With his limited, but rapidly increasing knowledge, he attempts to push the boundaries of being in control of the materials with being at the mercy of their unpredictable nature. In contrast, Fisher’s approach to working with clay is one of extreme control. She works in a methodical and meticulous manner, infusing her objects with character and personality.

When a series of operations left Macleod unable to write, she struggled to regain control of these lost abilities. Using her non-dominant hand and writing in reverse she has arduously created a series of drypoint plates that retell this part of her personal history.

Davidson has produced a work that is part of an ongoing long term project that explores issues of self, individuality and human nature. His mathematically calculated patterns on carefully crafted cubes play with ideas of chance and probability. The work on display is a fraction of what Davidson would hope to achieve with this piece.

Click here to download the artists’ statements (PDF).

Project Ability Gallery: 8 October – 13 November
Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
Preview: 7 October 6 – 9pm
(as part of Trongate 103 First Thursday)

On Thursday 7th October 2.00 – 3.00pm and 6.00 – 8:30pm there will be a one-day event in Project Abilitys’ gallery and workshops as part of Trongate 103 First Thursday. Artists from the Connect programme invite you to see the group exhibition in the gallery and also the workshops where the work was made. There will be a series of artists’ talks during the day and performances over the course of the evening. The event is free but booking is required.

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