Dates: 2 December, 2016 - 23 December, 2016
Reception: 1 December, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery, Trongate 103, G1 5HD
Admission: Free


superman II

Superheroes for sale!
Our annual Christmas exhibition of 2016 celebrates the brave, the bold and the magical world of Superheroes!
Superman, one of our oldest and most loved superheroes, was created way back in 1933 by two high school students in Ohio. A few years later he acquired his legendary cape, tights and boots and with this new fashion statement he changed the world of the super human persona forever.
The idea of the Superhero quickly began to grow arms, legs, wings, tails and more! We love a good (and bad) superhero, and there are plenty out there to choose from. Come celebrate the idea of the super human, the super natural, and the super powerful Superhero with us this December. Many of the artworks will be for sale; making this your chance to own your own original Superhero, or give a gift of a Superhero for Christmas!
As always, our artists have generously shared their creativity and explored this theme as widely as imaginable. Artists from across all three of our workshops, Create, Aspire and ReConnect, have all been asked to submit works for this show, along with a public call out for submissions out-with Project Ability. There are paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, and more on display from 2 – 23 December.
Project Ability’s Superheroes is an inclusive exhibition for artists with different lived experience and ability to come together to celebrate diversity, creativity and the idea of the Superhero. The holiday season is a great time of year to show your support for the work we do by admiring and/or purchasing truly unique artworks for your friends and family. We support the artistic adventures and aspirations of children and young people with disabilities, people with mental ill-health and people with learning disabilities.
In addition to the Superheroes exhibition, our gallery shop will be packed with unique and affordable gift ideas; including bags, cards, paintings, prints, sculptures, brooches and lots more!

Project Ability’s exhibition programme is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Join us for a preview on Thursday 1st December, 6-8pm.

Exhibition runs 2nd – 23rd December

​Image: Man of Steel by Jack Woodall
Exhibiting artists:

Agnew, Ross
Beagles, Leighton
Bray, Nathan
Bruin, Ian
Clements, M.T.
Cocozza, John
Corbet, Edward
Cornish, Robert
Coultas, Greg
Cummings, Lea
Doak, Ian
Dot, Alan
Dunbar, Pum
Earll, Michael
Goshawk, Callie
Graham, Anna
Grant, Sarah
Gray, Ben
Harkin, Michael
Hemphill-Whyte, Dominic
Henry, Edward
Jackson, Pauline
Johnston, Peter
Kerr, Terry
Langlois, Suilven
Loughran, Reece
MacGilchrist, Morag
Mason, Tommy
McAuley, Simon
McColl, Sarah
McCormack, John
McCulloch, Ronnie
McGinnis, Brian
McGrory, Aodhan
Mcilmunn, Celine
McKinstry, Jonathan
McMullen, Michael
McNaught, John
Morgan, Cameron
Muhammed, Adrian
Mutch, Ruth
Newman, Beau
Nimmo, Lesley
Oguguo, Obi
Phillis, Tyrone
Raczkowski, Paul
Rankin, Paul
Reilly, Steven
Russell, Anna
Sadia, Sadia
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Lewis
Smith, James
Smith, John
Southern, Amber
Taylor, Donna
Whitworth, Brandon
Willis, Thomas
Woodall, Jack
Yousuf, Rehan