Voices on paper

Dates: June 2, 2018 - June 30, 2018
Preview: June 7, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery, 1st Floor, Gallery II, Trongate 103, Glasgow
Admission: Free

Voices on paper


Project Ability is proud to present ‘Voices on paper’, a solo exhibition of works on paper by ReConnect artist Angela McLauchlin.

“Art is a totally unique bird’s eye view perspective, it comes from a vantage position, and everyone has the best spot in the house.

I believe art is an adventure, a joy of the mind, something that should get our old grey matter into 7th gear, just take it up a notch and most definitely stimulate a conversation of some sorts. It gets us all talking and sharing our points of view.

As an artist – a person who paints, draws, puts things on paper and other media – I get asked often of a finished piece of work ‘What exactly were you thinking when you were creating this particular piece?’ I never really like to say, because I don’t consider my opinions as greatly important, however I always ask: ‘What were you thinking when you were looking at this piece?’ I always am intrigued to know and hear it, far more interesting and exciting for myself. That’s what the arts are about: the people that see it right. It isn’t art without the eyes that gaze.

We don’t need to be clever, we are always clever about art: our opinions are never wrong. Let’s explore, speak our mind, and give others a different perspective. A piece of art can invoke a feeling, a thought, an emotion like no other. It’s a living, breathing piece of a soul, a psyche that brings us home to rest.

Don’t you just love art, and having our beautiful voices recorded on paper? How very wonderful.”
Angela McLauchlin

Gallery II
Trongate 103
Glasgow G1 5HD