Young Talent 2017

Dates: 8 July, 2017 - 12 August, 2017
Reception: 8 July, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery, Trongate 103, G1 5HD
Admission: Free

Young Talent 2017

image : ‘Gravity’ by Daniel Mui

Summertime at Project Ability marks one of our most exciting exhibitions of the year … Young Talent!

Young Talent showcases work from our Create artists. Create consists of three separate groups of young artists, all meeting regularly in our Trongate 103 studios. Young Talent offers the chance for every one of these artists to show a piece of art if they want to.

As usual we have a brilliant mix of paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics and much more. With an age range of 5 -28, this show is a fantastic mix of styles, skill sets and aesthetics. We’ve got some much loved television and film characters, along with really expressive abstracts. Godzilla, The Muppets and Amy Winehouse are just a few examples of the familiar faces you’ll see at this year’s exhibition.

Last year we began a new tradition of identifying one Create artist who has shown excellent progress in the development of their work. This artist is then offered a solo show in our Gallery II during the Young Talent exhibition in the main gallery. This year Rachel Hook has created a large body of work and a selection of these will be on display. You can read more about Rachel’s exhibition here.

Exhibiting artists:

Aiden Kelly, Alastair Downie, Andrew Scott, Anna Graham, Aodhan McGrory, Ben Albrow, Caitlin Lowrie, Cameron Black, Cameron Jackson, Catriona Macfarlane, Coltrane Brady, Craig Murray, Daniel Mui, Dearbhail McGrory, Dominic Hemphill-Whyte, Dylan Mackenzie, Dylan Lombard, Emma Shearer, Erin Keogh, Franchesca Welsh, Gabriel McBryan, Gemma Dunn, Grace McArthur, Greg Coultas, Guy Pentland, Harriet Campbell, Harris Burnett, Ian McIntyre, Jack Hynes, Jack Logan, Jack Woodall, Jamie Jackson, Jonathan Carson, Josh Harrigan, Judith Abubakar, Katy Barton, Keir Jarvie, Kirsten Collins, Kyle Morrison, Lauren Mackay, Lindsay Oliphant, Logan Kelly, Matthew Thomas, Michael Earll, Michael Stark, Obioma Oguguo, Owen Scullion, Pauline Jackson, Peter Christie, Peter Johnson, Rachel Hook, Rory MacDonald, Ross Agnew, Ruth Price, Ryan Coyle, Sam Perks, Vincent May, Zoe Wagner.