Residency : Michael Earll - July, 2010



As you enter the Project Ability workshops, you can’t help but notice a young man in the far left corner, busy touching up a big painting of Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. That young man is Michael Earll, the third artist to take part in our monthly residence programme.

Michael has been involved with Project Ability for quite a long time, and has been regularly attending the Create Saturday classes since 2005. He started this residency on the 1st of July, and has transformed a corner of the Aspire workshop into a proper painting studio. “It is so relaxed here, when I come for Saturday classes everything has to be done in two hours, but here I can take my time, I have peace and quiet, and it’s a really good space.”

His big colourful canvases have attracted a few curious people over the last few days, mostly wondering who he was painting. “I’m a big music fan, I regularly go to see live bands, so I have been painting mostly images from bands I like, but not always. Sometimes I just really like the image! But I always paint musicians”. Earll paints or draws from photographs that he finds on the internet, mostly of bands or singers playing live. “One of my favourite images is of Pink Floyd’s ‘One of these days’ light show, I really like how the lasers cross each other and the effect it has on the lights. I have tried to paint it...”

When asked why he wanted to do this residency, Michael said “I really wanted to take my art further, see what would end up changing and what would stay the same. So far it’s changed quite a lot! I wanted to try and see how much less details I could put in a painting, with it still looking pretty detailed. That’s what I like about painting bands; when you go see a live band, you want to see the artists play the music, you don’t need too much details, it’s more about the feeling. That’s what I want to do with my paintings and drawings.”

Michael Earll will be studying model making for film and TV at Metropolitan College this year, and has put some of his knowledge into practice this month, as he was, on top of his residency, involved with the First Light film-making group. “I wrote one of the films, it’s about Robert Smith.” Though he is interested in model making and set design, Michael has chosen to focus on drawing and painting during his residency. “I would like to try some model making in the next Saturday classes though, just not right now.” When asked if he was happy with the residency so far, he said “Absolutely! I would love to do it again!”

Now 20 years old, Michael has already exhibited a few times with Project Ability, and one of his pieces is currently displayed in our Young Talent 2010 exhibition. The artwork produced during his residency will be exhibited in January 2011, alongside the five other artists participating in the residency programme.





Images (from top to bottom):
"Bliss", Matt Bellamy
"The Ego's Last Stand", Wayne Coyne
Michael Earll
"This is History", Johnny Mar, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher