Residency : Simon McAuley - May, 2010


This month has seen the start of Project Ability’s residency scheme in Trongate 103. The residency is designed to give an artist the opportunity to access our facilities, five days a week, for one calendar month. This pilot programme allows the resident artist to undertake an intensive period of work in order to develop their own artistic practice.

Our first resident artist is Simon McAuley. McAuley, who joined our Connect programme in January, was in the middle of his second ten-week block of workshops when he was offered the residency.

“Until very recently, I used to work on my own, from home, so it was very useful for me to do the last block of workshops; it got me used to being around people, which was in some way preparation for the residency.” Asked if the presence of other people had an influence on his practice, McAuley replied that he tries to “make work with the viewer in mind, and now there is actually an audience as I am making the work which I find is an interesting set of conditions.”

McAuley graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 97, with a degree in Photography. He has since then developed his practice and exhibited throughout the UK and in Europe, predominantly photographs, text and video work, with a particular focus on drawings in the last few years.

It is on one of those very beautifully detailed drawings that McAuley is working on today. “I enjoy coming in and being really focused, the residency gives me the opportunity to work really thoroughly. Being able to come in every day gives me a chance to bring ideas together, and to try and complete some pieces I had in the back of my mind”. His project is to produce six A1 sized drawings, with the idea that the work might evolve outside its initial structure. We will get the opportunity to see some of the artwork created during the residency in an exhibition in Project Ability’s gallery in January 2011, alongside the five other artists taking part in this scheme.

Born in 1968, Simon McAuley studied photography at College of Building and Printing (Glasgow), and graduated with Honours in Fine Art Photography in 1997 (GSA). His work has been shown in several UK galleries including Transmission Gallery (Glasgow, 98-99), Collective Gallery (Edinburgh, 97), CCA (Glasgow, 97), Lapland (Glasgow, 99), Cambridge Darkroom (Cambridge, 98), Project Ability Gallery (Glasgow, 2010) and produced artist books for A. Mummery Gallery (now Mummery + Schnelle), and Basel Art Fair.




Images: Untitled (Green), lino print 42x30cm
Untitled (Blue), lino print 30x21cm
Untitled (White), detail, oil pastel on paper