Residency : Suzanne Wason - July, 2012

Can you talk me through what you have been working on during the residency?

“…I intended to open up a bit more but the first couple of weeks, I found difficult after finishing college, I struggled with inspiration out of that working environment. I starting painting the bottles of Irn Bru I drank whilst working here, it is related to my OCD.”

Suzanne paints the half-full partly empty bottles with a free energy and rich mining of these daily rituals. The genre of the still life has its historical origins with leftovers abandoned on crumpled, stained and crumb strewn table tops telling stories of an event; Suzanne’s working practice explores the possibility for anxiety, beauty and subversion through the discarded objects of consumption.

“…I used to just draw and it was my tutors that encouraged me to paint and I made my degree work with rags and the ends of paintbrushes. I also work better with a deadline and giving myself a plan that I worked to, opened up and working better than I was at the beginning.”

Has taking part in the residency been good for your confidence?

“Yes, I’m planning on working on canvas, painting the bottles and exploring repetition and series.”

What is it about Irn Bru that made you choose it as a sole subject?

“I just really enjoy it and it affects the way that I think, I drank it once and that was a good day. I drink it now because of the colour orange. The part of the brain that processes fear and anxiety appears orange in a brain scan and I find that really interesting. Also, I like the figure on the bottle; the right leg is behind the left as is his arm and that works best for me.”

Where will you go from here?

“I will spend some time developing; I have not quite found my style yet. I am also interested in exploring a career in art therapy.”

Suzanne Wason will be exhibiting new work in Project Ability’s residency exhibition in January 2013.  Forthcoming projects include a group exhibition at the RGI Gallery, Glasgow later in the year.