Monday Social: supported by artists Susan Bryson, John Cocozza, Meredith Crone, Doreen Kay, Valerie O’Regan, Gary Turner.

The Monday social continues to be a vibrant and creative weekly workshop. The participants work well together and new participants find it easy to fit in. In the block running up to the festive period we explored ceramics, felt making and printmaking. Drawing and painting was always available and for some this was their chosen process to create work.

As the winter nights closed in there was a good steady attendance. This was made up of people whom attend the core workshops alongside participants that only access Project Ability on a Monday evening. There were new faces to the workshops and participants who had attended Project Ability many years ago when still in Albion Street.

Felt making was new to most people. The theme that was used to inspire the work was landscapes. The participants began by making drawings of their chosen image. These were then developed for their felt design to achieve composition and colour choice. The process took several weeks to bring to a successful conclusion. Some people developed the work further by embellishing the pieces through sewing and attaching beads.

The ceramics work that has been produced has been a varied collection of pieces including bowls, masks and tiles. In the lead up to Christmas there was an array of Robins and decorative boxes. Theses were made for gifts and decorations for the home.

The Monday Social, like everything else, was affected by the bad weather and the final workshops of 2010 were cancelled.

The Monday Night Social 2011 - the current block of workshops has become even busier. Several new people have come along leading to an extremely busy and creative workshop. There continues to be good social interaction within the sessions and people have a chance to meet and get along with both new and familiar faces.

Some feedback from our participants:

“It’s nice people and good company”

“ Good to see new faces”

“ Loves coming to Monday as its great fun. She just loves coming to this class.”

“ It’s good to see what I have achieved.”

“ I like to create things.”

“ Enjoy going on nights out and doing some art stuff.”

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