The theme for our October Week workshops was 'Outdoors': Creepy Crawlies, Marvellous Mosaic Planters, Wonderful Wind Chimes, three great workshops for children aged 6 - 14 yrs.

For Creepy Crawlies, the children created wonderful plastic bugs by using wire, newspaper, recycled plastic bottles and containers, sticky paper and paint.



On Tuesday, the workshop took place in the Concrete Gardens Possil Park, and luck was on our side: the sun was out! Children designed colourful pots, using mosaic and cement, and all got to plant a flower in their finished pot.



For the last workshop, Wind Chimes, the children went around the Concrete Gardens Possil Park, gathering bits of wood, stones and small berries. They added their findings to a round wooden base, and spray painted them. At the end of the workshop, everybody stayed around to listen to the beautiful sounds  the wind chimes made.




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