On Friday 11 February, the Glasgow Film Theatre showed a programme of short animations, selected by the London International Animation Festival, as part of Glasgow Youth Film Festival. Project Ability was offered a 15 minutes slot to show some of our recent animation films.

Ian Bruin, a young filmmaker who attended Project Ability's film classes, was kind enough to introduce the films, including his own: 'Fantastic Foxy Bingo'.

Here's what Iain had to say:

"Hello, My name is Ian Bruin.

I have always loved drawing on paper and on my computer. I have been doing short animations since 2008 at home on my PC.

My school art teacher got me started at project Ability in the summertime doing a film-making course.

I met Alan and Ben. They showed me how to use a camera to make an animation. I had never done this before.

There were 6 of us on the course: Cameron, Angus, James, Ewan, Adam and myself. We talked about our ideas and what we wanted to do. We talked about using plasticine to make our characters. I had never used plasticine before but I love Morph and Wallace and Gromit, so I wanted to try it. I had an idea about wanting to make animals with plasticine. I also wanted to make a little hand to play with them. I started by drawing and painting my backgrounds, and then I made my figures.

My teachers showed me how to light up my backgrounds, and how to do stop frame animation with my figures. It took a really long time to do but it was great fun. Then they put it into the Mac software to make it into a proper film.

I also liked meeting other people who liked doing the same things as me. They had really good ideas too.

I love being at Project Ability."


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