Lea Cummings

ALTAR/ER detail (2015)

“When I clear my mind, these are the images that emerge. I have no plan except to fill the blank sheet of paper using the pens. The creative process when working on these drawings aims to facilitate the flow of pure expression in an attempt to access the subconscious beyond language and conscious thought. I try to keep my mind blank when working on them so as not to corrupt the flow of images. There is nothing discarded, the entire process used to create them is contained within the finished piece. There are no plans or sketches first. While creating them if I find myself thinking about the overall  composition or engaging in conscious decisions about how they look I use techniques to break these thought patterns such as rotating the paper by ninety degrees or working for a time with my eyes closed. By working in this unconscious way I feel that I can tap into the universal energy field and express it’s forms and patterns. These drawings and the processes used to create them speak of an existence outside of the consumer capitalist culture of anxiety, planning and competition with its ideas of success and failure. They are transmissions from the human subconscious.”

Lea Cummings works across a wide range of media, including sound, performance, painting, computer animation, film and collage. The themes that connect his work relate to distortion, noise, time, archetypes, symbolism and the subliminal. Lea is interested in humans as the creators of reality on every level.  His work expresses alterations of perception, and the opening of channels to deeper levels of experience; escaping the prison of five-sense reality and breaking the control of consciousness from deliberate external deception.


Lea 's Work