A solo exhibition by John McNaught

Dates: 14 January, 2023 - 18 February, 2023
Reception: 2 February, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Project Ability Gallery, 1st Floor T103
Admission: Free

A solo exhibition by John McNaught


We are delighted to kick start our 2023 exhibitions with a solo show by John McNaught.

John McNaught is a versatile and prolific artist working in Project Ability’s Aspire workshops. His style and subject matter reaches far and wide and this solo exhibition will cover every angle in his extensive and diverse painting practice.

In 2006, John suffered a massive stroke which has inhibited his speech and movement. It was his wife Patricia who encouraged John to use art in his rehabilitation. John found Project Ability in 2010, igniting his passion for painting and building his confidence with his practice. John has a wonderful intuitive response to colour, shape and composition that breathes life and emotion into his work. His eclectic paintings of landscape and portraiture have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

John takes inspiration from a wide variety of artists including, John Lowrie Morrison, Ryan Mutter, Francis Bacon, the cubists, Pablo Picasso, David Cambria, KAMOI Ré and more. He uses the skills he learns from studying these painters to create completely original works of art, including the vast array of birds that make up part of this solo exhibition. He is a master at learning through observation, and we have seen his practice develop and blossom over the past 12 years. Finding ways to navigate the disabilities that remain from his stroke, it has taken John time to perfect his way of working, and his patience has been rewarded. With a portfolio of work as brilliant as it is vast, we felt now was the time to give him a solo exhibition, and share his wonderful work with our audiences. With over 200 paintings on show, we are sure this exhibition will be much admired by all.

All work in the exhibition is for sale with prices ranging from £45 – £85.

Purchase two or more McNaught’s and get a discount of 10%.

Below are just a few of the over 200 artworks in this solo exhibition:

Below are images of the exhibition:

In 2020 BBC Scotland commissioned a film to be made about John, and his journey back from the

stroke that changed his life and brought him to the Project Ability studios:

If you would like to know more about John’s artworks please get in touch,

0141 552 2822 || exhibitions@project-ability.co.uk